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History - Resort

A short history of "Koh Talu" It is a small and private island in the Gulf of Thailand, there is an area about 1,500 rai, its structure is like an enormous whale, its beach is face to the coast, the back side is a high cliff, a mountain trend lying down from North to South, there are 3 bays with the white and clean beaches, that's Big Bay, Pearl Bay and Thien Bay, most of them used to be agricultural garden for coconut palm trees and the area around "Koh Talu" is very rich of sea resources, especially after January, the winter wind will blow a lot of sea resources from the Yuan Cape-The Gulf of Tonkin to pile up at coast of the Gulf of Thailand at Koh Talu, Bangsaphan so it is an important place for fishing. In the past, there were thousands fisher boats did fishing without any consciences and taking care; they also used the bomb for doing that and destroyed its ecology system finally. In 1982, Fisheries Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives had started the Sea Reviving Project, began the Management of Fisheries Resources Project by Bangsaphan community, It is the first place of Thailand for doing project like this, they also provided the course to build and rebuild the conscience for fishing with the convention and responsibility for the fishermen in the area and near by. They laid down the thousands artificial corals into the bottom of the sea to be the bleed fish's home for laying down their eggs, increasing them into the Gulf of Thailand. And most of artificial corals become a dam for protecting otter trawl of the big fisher boats which used to destroy the ecology system, due to a balance of the system and people also understood well about this, cooperating for protecting and deducting some disagreements within community, due to an important way of resources reviving permanently.

In the Present day, of Koh Talu-Bangsapan Bay has been rebuilt to be rich of resources again; the coral reefs which used to be destroyed by the bombs due to the fishing now it returned back and be alive, making lot of colorful to attract many tourists both Thai and Forefingers, coming to visit the wonderful beauties beneath the Gulf of Thailand, many kinds of fish are swimming within the colorful coral reefs, the sceneries on the island which still is natural, full of many kinds of the dark green local plants, natural view from a high cliff at the back side, sparkling and clean water with the golden sand on the nice beach when the sun is going to fall down, leave from Tanawsri Mountain Scope that's why it 's a one of famous places and important in Prachuapkhirikhan Province these days.

Sarika Travel Company Limited would like to cooperate of Fisheries Resources Management Project with Bangsaphan Community continuously and also joined with a large budget for developing this place to become a standard of place traveling place, there are two ways of journeys; to take by boats, it is very is safe and convenient, our service is accordable with the pure nature, also supporting the project of conscience building for protecting natural resources, both staffs and tourists such as the taking care and rehabilitating the coral reefs to balance with the sea ecology system, to build the cooperation between most of related organizations for taking care Koh-Talu and Thai sea remaining as in a perfection and beauty forever.

History - Island

A legend of Koh Talu (A tale of Prajoubkirikhan) is the most famous for tourists because it is a source of "Koh Talu" as a tale told that for long time ago, there was a family lived at Aow Noi, Prajoubkirikhan, there were 3 people in this family - father's name was "Tamonglai", his wife's name was "Rampueng" and their daughter's name was "Yomdoy" who was very beautiful, so there were lot of men both near and so far really need to be with her. Her beauty went far a way to Muang Petburi.

A governor of a province had a son, his name was "Jaw Lay", he had heard about her beauty so he disguised to be a fiherman, came to meet Yomdoy. They met and fell in love each other suddenly; by then he asked for get married with her mother-Rampueng without telling anything to Tamonglai. At the same time, Tamonglai was catching some fish around Aow Bangsaphan and the he met with a Chinese junks Group, they were Chineses merchants. Tamonglai invited them to his home and one of them was a son of a leader, he met Yomdoy, and fell in love her suddenly too so that he asked for get married with her from Tamonglay, he accepted that but didn't tell this to his wife-Rampueng at all too.

On the wedding day, both groups were coming to Tamonglai-Rampueng's home, they reached there at the same time, A trouble thing happened and couldn't stop, they were arguing and were very angry each other. And Rampueng stared throwing a hat to Tamonglai, the hat flew to fall dawn to be a Hat Island, (Muak Island) and she again threw the bamboo basket to her hasband-Tamonglai again, that bamboo basket flew to fall down to be Bamboo Basket Isnd. Other side; Tamonglai was very angry too, he began throwing a wooden pestle to his wife-Rampueng, but it didn't touch her, if flew to hit at the head of an Isand, which laying down crossing Bangsaphan Bay, the Island was attacked and had a big hole because of that wooden pestle and then it still flew to fall down to an Island, its name Koh Sag, at the time that wooden pestle was flying to hit an Island, there was a mouse deer, he was looking for some food around there, it was hit by that wooden pestle and its head was cut and flew to fall down to be Mouse deer's Head Island in Chumporn, at the same time, its intestine flew to fall down to be Mouse deer's intestine Island near by. After that they were fighting together and finally Rampueng lost, so she ran away and died finally-it became to be Mae Rampueng Mountain, laying down to protect Mae Rampueng Bay since that day until now. After his wife died, Tamonglai was very sorry and became mad, he tore his daughter-Yomdoy to be two parts, one part, he threw to Jaw Lay, it became to be Koh Nomsaw in Petchaburi, another part, he threw to Chinese Merchant's son, it became to Koh Nomsaw in Chonburi. Jaw Lay, he was very sad and sorry to lose his lover, so his group returned back to Petchaburi and threw all of sandried, riches also the miller, it flew to fall down to be Khao Chongkrajok, chopsticks became to be Koh Takiab (Chopsticks Mountain) any pawns or money for engaging, he also scatered leaving them, most of them became to be Koh Lek, Koh Noi, Koh Singh and Koh Sang, which remainging until theses days. After that, Tamonglai died of grief became to be Tamonglai Mountain in Prajoubkirikhan till now.